Printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET

Over 100 printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET were taken recently at WinOps Conference in London. Sorry we did not have time to sign them all – they went so quickly!

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If you’d like a printed copy of the book, please let us know via the Feedback page – we will try to get you a copy from O’Reilly!

Book signings – PIPELINE Conf and WinOps 2016

We’re excited that publishers O’Reilly will have bookstands at both PIPELINE Conference and WinOps and they’re bringing some printed copies of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET! We (Chris O’Dell and Matthew Skelton) will be around at both events to sign copies of the report – get yours before they are gone!

Some O'Reilly books

Buy tickets here:

Thanks again to the team O’Reilly for all their support.


eBook ‘Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET’ coming soon from O’Reilly

After several months of hard work writing, editing, and reviewing, our new eBook Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET will be published soon by O’Reilly (we got the go ahead for Production this week).


We’ll be updating this website with more info and details of the book over the coming weeks.

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Matthew Skelton and Chris O’Dell